Class of '69
36 year Picnic

a message from our Principal:
Dear Pam,
Thank you for your class invitation. I love
picnics and look forward to your next class picnic.
The class of 1969 was special to me and
folks cannot imagine how many times I have
referred to your class as an example.
I had planned to attend but it was just too
hot for me to enjoy being at Mill Creek.
Oh to be 54.

Thanks again,
George Greene

a message from our graduating class sponsor:
Dear Class of '69,
We thank you for the invitation to the class reunion picnic.
It was delightful to see everyone and to learn of their success.
We regret we could not come earlier but the heat was too "outstanding".
It is always considered a great honor to be included.
Again, we thank you,

Very sincerely,
Harold and Oneida Beeman Lorimer

our Class President, Steve Marshall
our Class President, Steve Marshall

Photos by Jim Wheeler

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