††††† 1. What is the atomic number of boron?

††††† 2. What is the number of seconds on a shot clock?

††††† 3. What is the % alcohol in vanilla extract?

††††† 4. The square root of1225?

††††† 5. The answer to the universe minus seven?

††††† 6. What is the freeway that links Des Moines to Duluth?

††††† 7. What is the width of SLR film?

††††† 8. The Julian date for February 4?

††††† 9. What is the minimum age to run for President?

††† 10. What was Harry Trumanís infantry division?





There are places I remember all my life,
though some have changed.
Some forever, not for better,
Some have gone, and some remain.
All these places have their moments
with lovers and friends I still can recall.
Some are dead and some are living.
In my life, Iíve loved them all.

John Lennon

Paul McCartney




3609 S. Pleasant

Independence, MO 64055

††††† I have just finished my third year of teaching 8th grade Social Studies at Raytown South Middle School.This is my third career move.A few years after college I became an Independence firefighter for 17 1/2 years.Then moved on to eight years of Social Work after receiving my Masterís in Social Work from KU.Teaching was my original major in college and the call to return to that came back.After taking class work for Social Studies, I returned to teaching in 2001.

††††† Both my sons are out of college, with one, Chris, living and working in Houston, and Brandon, who just graduated,looking to put his international business degree to work in Japan.




1115 SW Granite Creek Drive

Blue Springs, MO 64015

††††† I prefer to be called by my nickname-- CHERRIE (pronounce itSHERRY).All my friends and even my mom call me this and have since my senior year in high school.For the last five years I have been and still am --Assistant†††† †††††††Girl Scout Leader for the troop my oldest granddaughter is in.

††††† I am a big Star Trek/Sci-Fi fan-- I go to conventions every year!I also am a big ELVIS fan!Every five years I go to Memphis for the anniversary of his death and attend the candlelight vigil at Graceland.When I am in between Memphis trips I go to the KY97 annual Elvis Parade in Kansas City.




18520 65th Avenue SE

Snohomish, WA 98296

††††† Iíve lived in the Pacific NW since Ď71. 4 grown kids, all in college or grad school. I love being a mom. My sister Jan had 4 kids as well and we have had great fun on joint camping and hiking vacations.

††††† Empty nest has forced me to be career minded so I teach HS French. My last name is Tucker and my Chrisman French teacher was Miss Tucker, so itís very sentimental.

††††† Iím most grateful for my church, for faith in Jesus, & for the grace Iíve received in spite of some questionable choices I made along the way.My current dream is to develop a ministry of encouragement to women based on Proverbs 31:25 ĎShe is clothed in strength and dignity, and she can laugh at the days ahead.í

††††† Remembering Chrisman, it occurs to me that we were one of the last groups to benefit from the real Ďtitansí of education --women who had taught 40 yrs by the time we had them, who by virtue of staying single were absolutely focused on their subjects. Misses Ott, Mothershead,Meredith, Kennedy, Lyon, Campbell, & many others.




P. O. Box 652

Jos, Nigeria

††††† I continue to serve as counselor at an American boarding school in Jos, Nigeria.It has been a fabulous 20-plus years here.Embracing the ĎGod-lifeí has paid off for me.You are welcome to stop by for a visit!




27105 Pepin Road

Calumet, MI 49913-9557

††††† Have a great husband, four wonderful children, eight grandchildren, and one great grandson.I miss the good ole state of Missouri.Enjoy life to the most.




15306 Mayes Road

Independence, MO 64050

††††† I am now retired after a career of over 32 years in the electrical construction industry.Nancy (Smith) and I are looking forward to our 35th wedding anniversary in May of 2005.I am enjoying retirement and our grandchildren, three (so far).




24686-B Brighton Drive

Valencia, CA 91355

††††† Iíve been a ĎCalifornianí since 1969 when I joined the U.S. Navy.Following eight years of naval service I joined Lockheed Aircraft and remain employed there as a member of the ĎSkunk Works.í

††††† My wife Kathy and I have a daughter, Barbi, and son, Bob.Both kids are married and living on the east coast.Retirement looms:perhaps Palm Desert, Myrtle Beach, maybe both.




2312 No. 900 Road

Eudora, KS 66025

††††† Not much has happened in my life since the last reunion.I now have seven wonderful grandchildren, six grandsons and one granddaughter.Iíve been married to Eddie (second husband) now for eight years and living on our farm in rural Eudora is wonderful.We live in the house that was Eddieís grandparents which is just about all remodeled.Still working in Lenexa, wishing to retire maybe in the next couple of years.




4201 Hickory Lane

Blue Springs, MO 64015




1200 Barton Hills Drive #104

Austin, TX 78704

††††† I am presently (for seven years) using none of my degrees working for an SBC subsidiary in a call center in Austin.We deal with data circuits in 13 states-- Missouri included.I love Austin after living for 15 years in small Iowa towns.Son Barry just graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.




500 Barley CT

Buckner, MO 64016


My wife Terry works for Commerce Bank in the international money department.I do commercial heating and cooling and have since school.We both are finishing BS degrees, better late than never?!Hers in criminal justice, mine in mechanical engineering.Served one term as mayor in our town and we are both involved in our church.We have six kids and six grand kids.




508 NW 36th Terrace

Blue Springs, MO 64015

††††† My greatest accomplishment in life has been my family.I have two daughters,Jolee, age 34 and Brandy, age 30 (almost), and a son , Darrin, age 22.All three children are married and between the three of them I have eight grandchildren.




2914 Ashby Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89102

††††† Iím still working as a private investigator with my husband Bert. We mainly do criminal defense investigations for attorneys in Las Vegas.Out of our combined five children, the last two are graduating from college this spring/summer.One of them is an

assistant golf pro and will be going into golf management.The other is looking for a job in electrical engineering.We have three grandchildren whom we enjoy spending any spare time we have with them.Sorry we canít make it to see you all in June, but our son is getting married at that time and we are having LOTS to do!

††††† Godís blessings to all of you, and hope you enjoy each

and every day of life as I do!




8720 Laguna Drive SW

Olympia, WA 98512

††††† Thirty-five years and I am still here in Olympia and still working for the same company, Georgia Pacific.I have one daughter and twograndsons.I spend time fishing with them when I am not working.They will be moving to Maryland in July, so I will have one more place to vacation.I enjoy vacationing in different places and adding to my collection of refrigerator magnets.




4225 Wyoming

Kansas City, MO 64111

††††† Some 33 years ago, science gave way to art, studying gave way to partying, biochemistry gave way to RockíníRoll, bunsen burners became motorcycles, and I became a recording engineer.

††††† Thatís still what I do.




911 W. 33rd Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64111

††††† My parents still live within two miles of where we are having our 35-year class reunion.It seems that no matter how much things seem to change, they really stay the same...

††††† In the 35 years since we were teen-agers, Iíve been married, divorced, single for 15 years and then remarried 10 years ago.Iíve lived in five different states.Iíve traveled throughout the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Korea.Iíve taught elementary school, junior high school and at the college level.Iíve earned a Ph.D, trained in the field of professional coaching, and am an ordained minister.Iíve spent the last 20 years working for HarcourtSchool Publishers, an elementary textbook company.With that company, Iíve served as consultant, sales representative and recently was promoted to ConsultantManager.Iíve lost track of all of my addresses but we call Kansas City home, livingin midtown in the Coleman Highlands neighborhood.These are the things I have accomplished siince our 1969 graduation.

††††† But what Iíve experienced and whatís been important to me in the last 35 years are the same things that made our high school years so valuable.My parents, both still living, still live in my childhood home where my husband, my two sisters, my brother-in-law and two nieces gather every holiday.My circle of friends, though broadened from our Independence days, still form the firm foundation for getting me through the joys and sorrows of life.My spirituality, though no longer Protestant, still keeps my heart open and my vision strong.

††††† These are the values we began at William Chrisman 35 years ago:family, friends, education, and spirituality.As classmates, we learned so much during the turbulent years of our adolescence and from the looks of things, Iíd say we done good.Thank you for the Ďglory daysí and for still Ďbeing crazy after all these yearsí!




222 NW Monroe

Leeís Summit, MO 64063

††††† Iím married with four grown Ďchildrení --one girl and three boys.I have a two-year old grandson who keeps me very busy five days a week while his mama works, and thereís another grandbaby on the way.Itís a little like starting all over again.Anyway, when I have time, I enjoy baking bread and decorating an occasional wedding cake, and browsing through antique shops.




804 Powhatan

Independence, MO 64056

††††† How about two words --Very Busy.I thought as a person gets older things got easier and slower.Boy, was I wrong.I am looking forward to retirement, but I donít think things will get any better.

††††† I finally got married last year after 25 years of being listed as a single person.I have 30+ years working for Lipton and also own a business now 10 years.




2226 Vermont Ave.

Independence, MO 64052

††††† Hi. I used to be Myrna Fye and now Iím Myrna Tweedy (kept the name but got rid of the husband).Iíve spent the last 27 years delivering babies at Truman Medical Center Lakewood.When Iím not doing thatI swim, bowl, play cards, and babysit my brilliant and beautiful granddaughter, Krystena Marie Stoddard, whoís 1 1/2.

††††† I have two children:John, age 30, and Stephanie, age 27.Both graduated from William Chrisman also.It was always interesting to go to their school events and see how the place had changed (or stayed the same). Anyway, Iím looking forward to seeing everyone again and seeing how we have changed (or stayed the same)




5531 Cape Henry Ave.

Norfolk, VA 23513

††††† From Mrs Reed I learned math, from Mr. Bachman I learned bookkeeping, from Mr. Campbell economics and stocks, from Mr. Lindmark business law, and Miss Beeman kept me healthy.I became a Sprint engineer and built a great economic portfolio.However, we males couldnít take homemaking so I still canít cook.I sure wish we had had more social activities so I could have met and understood more about people.Iím still doing that learning.

††††† But I did find the perfect place to live.Excitement, shows, beaches, cruises, and even military action, at prices like MIssouri and not like California.Come retire to Norfolk with winters above 20 degrees and summers under 100!We also have the best in medical facilities and several universities, plays, opera, and symphony. There are also fireworks festivals and military air shows many times a year. Lighted boat parades and dinner cruises on the ocean --I will bring some pictures.So come retire someplace great yet reasonable!You are also just three hours drive from D.C. and all it has to see and do, yet here prices are like old, cold Missouri.So everyone, check it out!Lots of jobs here, too.




240 Bellevista Drive

Independence, MO 64055

††††† I have been married 34 years in August to Ruth (Johnson) Holloway from class of 1970.We have four of the MOST BEAUTIFUL grandchildren.Had we known how much fun grandchildren are, we would have SKIPPED OVER children and had them first!




1017 Lexington

Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

††††† Iím married (once only) 23 years.Two beautiful daughters ages 21 and 19.I worked at Western Electric for 16 years.I have owned my own wallpapering business for 18 years and still going strong.My husband Bill works at Truman Medical Center West.Right now he works in the emergency room.And Iíve never attended college.




1827 S. Vassar Ave.

Independence, MO 64052

††††† Classmates of 1969!Every summer after school is out, my husband George and I head back east.We are high school teachers.This will be my last go-round after teaching English for thirty-one and a half years.My son Matthew is married to a wonderful young woman, Mary.They bought a house in the Fort Osage school district.My daughter Meagan will be a senior at SMSU and is an honor student.She is majoring in marketing and hotel/restaurant management.I have three stepdaughters and two grandchildren.George and I sail our thirty-six foot Catalina around the East Coast during summer vacations.I wish I could be in town to see you all!WOW!How time flies...




3908 Brandywine

Blue Springs, MO 64014


405 Inverrary

Leeís Summit, MO 64064


635 Burchshire Lane

Wylie, TX 75098-5335

††††† Married 30 years to Mike (this September).One son -- married with two daughters (itís great being grandparents).

One daughter --single, graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary in December this year.

††††† Weíve lived in Texas since 1990.Previously, we lived in Arizona, California (twice), Kansas and , of course, Missouri (three times).




903 E. Salisbury

Independence, MO 64050



††††† For the past 17 years, I have been a teacher at Chrisman as well as a coach.For the past five years I have been the head boysí track coach.I have been married 23 years with one daughter and two stepsons and I now have three grandchildren.




7213 NW Coronado

Kansas City, MO 64152




1113 SE 3rd St. Ct.

Leeís Summit, MO 64063




4213 S. Milton Drive

Independence, MO 64055


Dear Classmates,

††††† My name is Iris (Fendrick) Thompson.I was active with the Yearbook class and was Secretary for the R.O.T.C.

††††† I have been married over 30 years to a wonderful man, Randy Thompson.Our two children are grown and are starting families of their own.We have two grandsons, Davidlee Davis and Caleb Thompson.Davidlee is almost one year old and Caleb is just four months.

††††† Randy and I have been lucky enough to retire.Randy worked for Yellow Corp. for over 30 years.We spend our time traveling in our RV and riding our Harley-Davidson.We just returned from a trip to North Carolina.We drove the EV and trailered the Harley.We joined some friends that we made the first year we went to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.We rode our Harley on the Blue Ridge Parkway and through the Smokey Mountains.We rode across the state and stayed two nights right by the Atlantic Ocean.We walked the beach and picked up a few seashells.We have other trips planned , which include going back to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Canada.

††††† My personal hobbies include Scrapbooking, Sewing and Photography.




††††† Since January of 2000, I have been living and working in Russia.I began working in Russia in 1993 under the Cooperative Threat Reduction program started by the US government and the Russian Federation.I began to study the Russian language and found the work here fascinating.I moved here in 2000 and have truly enjoyed the challenge.I joined a Russian company last year, and am currently commercializing newtechnologies from here into western countries, and am also involved in development of some of the first private ventures in the Ukraine.My fourchildren are all grown, all living in the Kansas City area, along with my mother.My best wishes to all of my old William Chrisman classmates, wherever you may be.




2300 W. 121st

Leawood, KS 66209


††††† Iím working, working, working.I have two sons and two daughters, two of whom are married with two children.I love to run and try to run three or so half marathons a year along with my running friends.My favorite vacation spot so far is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but Iíve not ventured too far yet.Spain could be in my future.




3612 NW Lake Drive

Leeís Summit, MO 64064

††††† I am currently teaching fifth grade at Ott Elementary.MY husband David teaches fifth grade in Hickman Mills.I have two daughters, Kristen and Lynnae.Weíll travel to San Francisco on July 25 for Lynnaeís wedding.




5101 Conway Ct

Independence, MO 64055 (work)

25 Words

wife, Kathy††† reading

sons, Ben, Jeff†† writing

granddaughter coming†††† bad knees

actuary†††† sparse hair

baseball††††††† squishiness††

kids†††††††††††††† increasing nostalgia

card games††††††† ††††† reunion anticipation

doing okay




2416 S. Seminole Drive

Independence, MO 64057

††††† My husband Mark and I have two teenagers at home; David is 18 and Lyndsay is 15.Mark is still teaching chemistry at Leeís Summit North High School.I just retired (as of May 28, 2004) from teaching.I taughtfirst and second grades in the Independence School District for 31 years.




7018 Bell Road

Shawnee, KS 66217

††††† Not much has happened since the 30th:I still work out of my home and take care of my kids, 13 and 10.Age does not agree with me.The older I get, the more I fight it.I still love to hunt and ride competition motorcycle trials.We just got back from another trip to South Africa to see my wifeís brother and I am glad we live in the good olí USA.




3000 S. Trailridge Ave.

Independence, MO 64055

††††† My husband works at Honeywell.I work part-time at a cafe.Daughter Shawna, granddaughter Keely, grandson Cameron.Still love pulling WEEDS out of the garden. and fishing and swimming.




701 S. Prairie Lane

Raymore, MO 64083

††††† Married to classmate Carolyn Rhea for 32 years:10 children and 3 grandchildren.Employed by Network Appliance, Inc. as a strategic account executive and head football coach at Christ Preparatory Academy.Honored as Coach of the Year (2003) of the NACA




18304 Hanthorn

Independence, MO 64057

††††† I am the operations manager for Church and Dwight Co. in Harrisonville.Married to Sondra for 31 years and we have three sons and five granddaughters.Hobbies are hunting and fishing, but spend the most free time golfing and riding my motorcycle with my wife.




P.O. Box 119

Napoleon, MO 64074

††††† My husband of 35 years, D.E., andI live on 10 acres in Napoleon, MO.We have two grown daughters and six grandchildren.




12821 East 36th Terrace S.

Independence, MO 64055

††††† My husband, John Minor Purcell, is a freelance journalist for The Kansas City Star and other local publications. He is also an Independent Distributor for the Wellness Company Nikken, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, CA.We have two adopted daughters and five grandsons from 7 years old to 17 years old.

††††† John graduated from MU with a Bachelor of Journalism degree.I have my Doctorate in education.

††††† Weíll be attending my fatherís 67th WCHS class reunion on June 25th.Weíll try to make this 35 year reunion on the 26th.




3315 Talent Drive

Columbia, MO 65203


12004 E. 57th Street

Kansas City, MO 64133-8989

††††† I am retired from the KC MO Police Department.I kept a police reserve commission and still work security jobs as a police officer.My oldest son is an Air Force first lieutenant at Ramstein AFB, Germany.My youngest son and half of my twin set just graduated from Oklahoma State University, and is an Air Force second lieutenant at Ramstein AFB.My daughter and other twin just graduated from Central Missouri State University.




42 W. 69th Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64113

††††† Since 1999 I have had a few changes. My son, Chris, graduated from Rockhurst High School in 2002.He is attending MU at Columbia and just finished his sophomore year.My wife, Carroll, is working part-time as an accountant for a graphics firm in Westport.The company I worked for, Century Labs, was sold and I was Ďdownsizedí in the consolidation.I went to work in 2003 For Pioneer-Eclipse Corporation as a regional sales manager, traveling to seven midwest states.Weíre still very active in our church.I teach Bible study and Carroll is on the church council.We are adjusting to life as empty nesters, and have acquired a new dog, Shelby, to replace our dog of 13 years who died last year.All of this seems so normal.And thatís OK because normal is a good place to be.Iím looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.




6718 Canal Lock Ave.

Canal Fulton, OH 44614

††††† I graduated from Wright State University in 1979 with a BS in business administration/marketing.Currently I am a technical sales representative for Delta Systems, Inc. in Streetsboro, OH.

††††† I married Patricia in 1971 and had three sons who are currently ages 29, 27, and 23, with two grandkids.I married Judith in 2000.Judith is a former high school English teacher who currently works as an executive assistant.She has two sons and a grandson.

††††† Judith and I enjoy traveling and discovering new places in the world.The most fascinating trip we have taken was to Taiwan.The most fun trip weíve taken was to Riviera Maya, Mexico.

††††† Since I live southeast of Cleveland, I am a frustrated, but devoted, fan of Cleveland Browns football and Cleveland Indians baseball.I was a founding member of the Northwest Youth Sports Organization and helped design/build the community football/baseball fields. Iíve coached and umpired Little League in the past and still do umpiring ion occasion.

††††† My hobby and pastime is woodworking.In the last few years, Iíve built everything from a deck to fine cabinetryand a baby cradle.

††††† Iíd enjoy hearing from classmates via e-mail.




3608 Campbell

Kansas City, MO 64109




320 SE 2nd St.

Blue Springs, MO 64014

††††† I have been married to Jerry for 27 years, and have now lived in Blue Springs for 25 of those years.I have worked forthe Social Security Administration for 31 years and will hopefully retire in two-and-a-half more years.My son Jimmy is now married and living in Independence, and my stepson Ryan and his wife live in the state of Washington with their four children --two boys and two girls.




321 S. Chester Terrace

Olathe, KS 66061


††††† I will fill folks in when I see them.Itís almost too hard to tell much in writing...

††††† I work in a sign shop.My husband Jerry is a salesman for Sears.

††††† Married:twice

††††† Chidren:two daughters, Jessica Ann and Shannon

††††††††††††††††††††† Christine; three stepsons, Cory Lee, Jason

††††††††††††††††††††† Oliver, and Zarariah Jon; two grandsons,

††††† †††††††††††††††† Tristan McCoy (age 7) and Xavier Louis (age 2)




1921 N. Pleasant View Circle

Wichita, KS 67203

††††† Married 24 years, wife Kathy.One son, Steven, age 22.

Currently employed by Flight Safety International as an instructor on various models of Cessna business jets.




27190 Mission Belleview

Louisburg, KS 66053

††††† I am happily married for 34 years this December.Dave and I have two beautiful daughters and six wonderful grandchildren.I was a secretary all my life, and from 1977 to 1990, I was secretary to the VP/Controllerof the KC Royals, attending the 1980 and 1985 World Series games at home and on the road.We moved to Louisburg in 1990, at which time I retired.

††††† My polio is now affecting my Ďgoodí leg, which slows me down a bit. Would love to hear from any old friends!




3021 Iva Drive

Independence, MO 64057


††††† Iím still maried to Paula A. Moore after 26 years.Iím still working at Livers Bronze Co. (29 years).Sons Ryan Moore, age 25, and Aaron Moore, age 22, are both still single.




220 N. Main Street

Butler, MO 64730

††††† After living on the East Coast for many years, my family and I moved back to Missouri six years ago.Wife Kimberly is 43; two sons, Will and Sam, ages 8 and 4.I work as a finish carpenter and tile mason.




106 S. Delaware

Nixa, MO 65714

††††† I am a grandmother of three.I have custody of my two oldest grandchildren, 16 and 13.Divorced for 32 years, have one daughter.Love my life.Have three dogs and 5 cats --am an avid kid and animal lover.Am so excited to see everyone!




34507 E. 339

Garden City, MO 64747

††††† There have been numerous changes in my life since the last reunion.We moved out of Independence, I changed jobs, both of my daughters graduated and are out on their own, and one married.In April, I completed my thirtieth year with the Dept. of Agriculture, but last November I switched agencies and now work for the Risk Management Agency.We provide crop insurance for about any type of agricultural product.I am looking forward to retirement in less than two years.In 2000, I moved from Independence to the very small town of Dayton, MO.There my wifeand I live on a farm where I raise beef cattle.Our two daughters are grown, with my oldest having received her masterís degree in occupational therapy, and my youngest in her senior year at Central Missouri State University.Both were graduates of William Chrisman, and they still reside in Independence.I have been blessed with good health, a wonderful wife of 32 years, several friends from the class of Ď69, and a long career that paid the bills.Iím looking forward to the free time of retirement where I will fish, hunt, garden, and raise cattle.




1696 Glen Abby Lane

Winter Haven, FL 33881

††††† Married to Mark Lux 34 years.Three wonderful children:Tracie Ford, Pleasant Hill, MO; Carrie Schreck, Sellersburg, IN; Mark Adam Lux, San Diego, CA.Two grandchildren:grandson Colbi Ford, nine years old, and Trystan Schreck, one year.Mark and I retired from Southwestern Bell in November 2000.We enjoy golfing, swimming, traveling and cruising, abd going to Disney World when our kids come to visit.



701 S. Prairie Lane

Raymore, MO 64083

††††† Married to classmate Dick Burton for 32 years.Mother of ten children, ages 12 to 30, and grandmother of three.Active in childrenís sporting events, homeschool, and church.




518 Lacy Road

Independence, MO 64050

††††† I have been married for 32-plus years to Kathy (Kempf) Jones, a1969 graduate of Lillis High School in Kansas City.We have three children. Andy is 31 years old, Jennifer 29, and Matthew, 27.We also have seven grandchildren, six boys and one girl.I currently work for Thomas Register as an independent contractor and I am running for the 53rd District State Representative on the Libertarian Party ticket.




3502 N. McCoy

Independence, MO 64050-1127

††††† Iíve been married for 21 years to Tom Hubbard.We have two sons, one daughter-in-law, a grandson , and a granddaughter.In the last couple of years iíve found I enjoy going on cruises.Weíve been to the Western Carribbean twice and weíre planning on going to the Eastern Carribbean this winter.My husband and I are taking our grandson to Washington, D.C. just before our reunion to visitfamily and to take in the sights.See ya soon!




3706 Portside Drive

Spring, TX 77388

††††† My wife Ina Mae and I were married on July 14,1973 and have three children; Stacey is 26, Michael is 23, and Christopher is 18.I entered the field of information technology and worked in the Kansas City area until 1988 when I relocated to Houston, TX with the Panhandle Eastern Corporation.I joined the American Bureau of Shipping, a worldwide marine classification society, in 1999 and am employed as Director, IMS Operations and Quality Assurance.Iím enjoying life and looking forward to catching up and renewing old friendships with the Class of Ď69!




6635Maxie Camp Road

Harrison, AR 72601




15825 E 2nd St. S.

Indepedence, MO 64050

††††† Retired steelworker.I have four granddaughters.Our family will be hosting an AFS student this coming year.She is from Germany and will be attendiing William Chrisman.Hobbies:motor bike, bicycle riding, and going to gym.




309 E. 66th St.

Kansas City, MO 64113

††††† I have been told I am an excellent driver of underpowered vehicles.So Iíve got that going for me, which is nice.




P.O. Box 273

Grain Valley, MO 64029

††††† Iím an ex-Armco employee, now working for Lowe,s of Leeís Summit.Have two daughters and two granddaughters.Like to fish and hunt, and Busch and Nextell stockcar racing.




1228 SE Highview Dr.

Blue Springs,MO 64014


CMR 452, Box 1161

APO AE 09045

††††† Currently teaching at a small college in central Germany.Previously taught cultural studies at Western Carolina University, following a fellowship at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.Still enjoying traveling the world (Iraq, Europe and Asia) in search of all the unanswered questions of the 1960ís and 70ís.Would love hearing from any of you!




120 S. Webster

Erie, KS 66733

††††† I like to travel across the country and photograph the sights.I also enjoy various crafts like quilting, embroidery, crochetand scrapbooking.




534 S. Harris St.

Sugar Creek, MO 64054

††††† I have lived in Sugar Creek for nine years. Recently got married last December.Have two children, a girl and a boy, and five grandchildren.Fulton was my maiden name.I got married while in high school --Anderson was my married name.




408 SW Victor Drive

Blue Springs, MO 64014

††††† Married to classmate Shirley Nunn.Retired from Air Force --firefighter 20 years.Associate degree in Computer-Assisted Drafting.Currently working as Fire Extinguisher Technician at Whiteman AFB.Shirley is an RN.We are starting our own real estate investment company.




7735 Acuff

Lenexa, KS 66216

††††† I have taught school (PE - Coaching) since 1975, teaching the last 12 years in the Shawnee Mission School District at SM Northwest.Iím the varsity girlsíbasketball coach abd help with JV girlsí softball.I have been married since 1971, and have three children and one grandchild.




610 W. Truman Road

Independence, MO 64050

I walk without a walker.

I have all my natural teeth.

And...I donít wear Depends.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Yours truly,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Denise Pugh

P.S.Doesnít anyone stay up past 11 PM anymore?


4408 N. Topping Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64117

††††† †††† News since last reunion:Still single, still have the same job, still have the same number of kids, with the addition of one grandchild, and still trying to figure out what I want in life.

††††† †††† I do manage to keep busy, though.In addition to my regular full time job, I help my two brothers with McGrath Heating and Cooling, which they started last year.After working for H&R Block for nine years, I do income taxes from home and love it.I am active in my church and seem to get selectively volunteered for numerous committees and projects.I belong to an investment club that researches stock and we have accumulated a nice portfolio over the past few years.And I am starting to train for another marathon.I ran my first marathon (actually a half) last year at Disney World and am going to try to run a full marathon in January of 2005.I know that would be hard for some people to believe (Coach Summa for sure) since I really despised running the track when I was in school, but it has been quite an experience and I had a lot of fun doing it!I also enjoy reading when I have the time and have recently taken up knitting (which Iíve been told is for old people --ya think?)

††††† †††† And last but not least --why I hated high school:I was shy and did not make friends easily, some kids tended to be snobs, I was more interested in working (if I had only known), I struggled with self-confidence, and I really just wanted to get married and live happily ever after.What was I thinking?Well, you just never know what life is going to bring you.Or not bring you.


15608 T. C. Lea Road

Independence, MO 64050-3270

††††† †††† Iím afraid my love of learning was totally eclipsed by my love of BOYS.The truth is out.

††††† †††† From Miss Mothershead, I learned to be concise.From Miss Ott, I learned to give.From Mrs. Peggy Summa, I learned I could accomplish more physically than I ever dreamed (e.g., crawl around a desk chair without tipping it over).

††††† †††† After high school, I became even more sarcastic andsurly.I am the Goddess of Snide.


P.O. Box 4223

Independence, MO 64051

††††† †††† Iím a cook at Raytown High School.Iíve been in the school system for about 18 years.

††††† †††† Last June, I had a special operation called the biliopancreatic diversion.I so far have lost 146 pounds and Iím still losing the pounds.I work out at the YMCA doing laps.I am so happy with my accomplishments. Iím healthier and can get around so much better.Our family, the Hamptons, weíve been getting together and have started up singing again.Itís been real enjoyable.

††††† †††† Looking forward to seeing our classmates of 1969.I loved school because ofa capella choir.Mr. Hurst was fantastic ab one of the best choir directors around.You knew what he wanted from you and you would do your best.It was an honor to go to class every day and sing with the choir members--and the wonderful songs we sang.I cherish those memories of being in choir. I listen to the music we recorded often.I feel the choir members felt a oneness when we would come togethter and sing.I do miss that and that is the main reason I liked school.

††††† †††† I canít wait to see everyone at our 35 year reunion.



18812 E. Hanthorn

Independence, MO 64057

††††† †††† I am enjoying living in Missouri, after moving back from Utah. I am close to my family and friends and enjoy traveling.Allan, my husband, passed away in 1991. My sonStrider attends college in San Diego, CA and my daughter Heather will be a junior at CSMU.I continue to work at the Little Blue Valley Sewer District as an accountant handling benefits.I am at a point of transition in my life, where children are leaving the nest and I am unsure of what lies on the horizon.I look forward to seeing old friendsí faces and visiting with the classmates of 1969.


306 NW Leanne Lane

Blue Springs, MO 64015



††††† †††† Graduated from Southwest Missouri State UniversityĎ74

††††† †††† Married Sandra K. (Bagby) Stark Ď74

††††† †††† Raised2 daughters, 1 son to know the Lord and love others

††††† †††† Career in public service as teacher, soil and water conservationist, State Commission staffer, environmental specialist and trainer.

††††† ††††† Resided in Independence, Jefferson City, Independence again, and Blue Springs, where we built a house in 1999.


††††† †††† Retired with 30 years of public service, including 251/2 years with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

††††† †††† Youngest child graduated high school.Both daughters live on their own.Oldest daughter in college; youngest daughter married.

††††† †††† Celebrated 30 years of marriage to Sandy.


††††† †††† Hope to spend more time with family, friends, outdoors and preferred activities.

††††† †††† Open to new opportunities in Christian Service.

††††† †††† Watching for a new part-time or seasonal job opportunity.

††††† †††† Plan some touring of this free and wonderful USA.

I Thess. 4: 11-12


14908 E. Tomasha Drive

Independence, MO 64055



6429 West 125th

Overland Park, Kansas 66209



P. O. Box 3235

Independence, Missouri 64055

††††† †††† I am married, have four children and one granddaugher.I am employed at the City of Independence Parks and Recreation as a youth program assistant, at Jackson County Family Court, and as an independent contractor for Missouri Childrens Services as a facilitator.

††††† †††† My hobbies and interest include flower gardening, camping, coaching volleyball, and reading motivation books.



31806 E. Truman Road

Buckner, MO 64016

††††† ††††† Owner of Alderson Construction Co. for the pastthirty years.Interested in collecting and restoring antique cars and trucks.Married 35 years.Two children, two grandchildren.


2140 Waterfield Ct

Grand Prairie, TX 75052

††††† †††† I am a wife and mother.Oh, and a grandmother now.I have one daughter, Jennie, who is married and has one daughter, Zadie.She and her husband live in Portland, OR

--forever and a day away from us.We all hate that.

††††† †††† My husband is a minister and we have moved around quite a bit in our 31 years together.Itís been a challenge as Iím pretty much a homebody, but weíve managed well.

††††† ††††† I was partowner in a craft store in Independence for nine years, but now I do stained glass out of my home.

††††† †††† I wish I could be there with everyone, but thatís impossible this year.Have a great reunion, and maybe Iíll get to come to the next one.


Independence, MO 64050

††††† †††† Born 2-11-50 in Cameron, MO.Married for 24 years.Have four beautiful children, two boys and two girls, and have been legal guardian for Naomi and Mark for six years.

My earthly children are Jacob, Havilah, Kenese, and Seth.I am a cook at the the McCune Home for Boys.Divorced.



14301 W. 64th St.

Shawnee, KS 66216


††††† †††† 15 years in graphic arts management

††††† †††† Last seven years teaching computer graphics and photography at Shawnee Misssion West High School

††††† †††† Boysí and Girlsí tennis coach at Shawnee Mission West the last six years

††††† †††† Kansas 6A Girls coach of the year in 2003

††††† †††† Married (teacher), two boys in college


131 Woodstream Ct

Maitland, FL 32751

††††† †††† I am really looking forward to seeing my high school classmates again.Itís been a very long time.I have lived in the southeast for over 20 years, calling Atlanta, Raleigh, NC, and Orlando home.

††††† †††† I am married , with two daughters, now married themselves, and one son who has just left for his first year of

college.So my husband, Al and I are now officially empty nesters.

††††† †††† When not working, I like to garden, cook a little, and putt-putt around in our boat.Next time youíre in Orlando, stop by for a visit.


7935 NE Fremont

Weatherby, MO 64497

866-LRR-OAKS (577-6257) (work)

816-449-2207 (home)

816-377-2790 (cell)

††††† †††† My ranch was hit by three to five F4 tornados 29 May 04 and I have been quite busy.


18804 E. R. D. Mize Road

Independence, MO 64057

††††† †††† As you might remember from the last reunion, after high school I got a degree in art at UMKC.I married my first wife in 1973 and had two wonderful kids, one of each.I worked in the graphics department at Worlds of Fun for ten years and took an early mid-life crisis.

††††† †††† I have since remarried to a wonderful woman who has encouraged me to disclose the following:

††††† †††† It is time to award certain faculty of William Chrisman

††† Junior and Senior High Schools who had a profound

††††† †††† effect on my formative years.In their own way, what each

††††† †††† one taught me has stayed with me to this day.And my

††††† †††† small thanks would be would be to honor them at this

††††† †††† time (pre-Alzheimers prevents a complete list):

††††† †††† In third place: Mrs. Nita Adams, subject:art and beautiful things

††††† †††† In second place:Mrs. Marianne Jensen, subject:8th grade English and beautiful things like women in pant suits

††††† †††† In first place:Mrs. Bobbi Margolis, subject:mini skirt and high heels and driving with a clutch.Oh yes, and Junior art.

††††† †††† Honorable mention goes to Mrs. Catherine Johnson, who Iím sure would have finished higher if Iíd ever had a class with her.

††††† †††† Thank you all so much!†††

†††††††† Sincerely your devoted student,††††††††

†††††††† Gregory D. Price, Class of 1969



8915 West Shady Oak Lane


††††††††† We live in Columbia (actually outside in the country) at ĎShady Oak Farmí where (now that our three children have all grown) we abide with many various and sundry critters since my husband began his own animal sanctuary and rescue when heís not being Coordinator of Instrumental Music or Band Director extraordinaire!

†††††† I have played in the Philharmonic 25 years, have aprofessional string quartette called Heartstrings, am accompanist for Columbia Chorale, am church choir director/pianist, teach strings in Columbia Public Schools, direct 2 days a week for an early childhood program, and have a private teaching studio.

†††††††† I think thatís pretty much it.Iím not as shy and/or quiet as I used to be...actually now you just canít shut me up.--And who would have visualized me on a tractor-- and yes, Suzi Reynolds is still my dearest most precious friend!

†††† What treasured memories high school holds for me, though so long ago!I have truly been blessed in this life-- many of which came from sharing those precious years with each of you!


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Angels keep you--

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Glenna††††† ††††




†† I have had a full and rewarding life and besides Kansas City, have lived and worked in Houston and San Francisco.

†††† Iíve been married to my husband, Bert, for almost 15 years and have worked for DIT-MCO Internationalsince 1983 as Executive Assisitant to the President.Bert is employed by OíReilly/Ozark Automotive at the distribution center.

†††† We travel as much as we can and enjoy attending NASCAR races.We were unable to attend the reunion this year because we were in Myrtle Beach, SC, soaking up the sun and playing golf.


3436 Brave Maxim Ct.

Grand Prairie, TX 75052

††††† †††† Our family moved from Independence to west Texas in Aug.,í89.We lived in San Angelofor 13 years, and moved to Grand Prairie Nov.,í02, right in the middle of the DFW Metroplex.We love the area and are very happy to be here!

††††† †††† Richard and I married 33 years ago July.We are extremely blessed by God to be the parents of five totally awesome children -- Eric Shawn, 31,Beth Eileen, 29, Jill Annette, 25, Corey Joel, 21, and Kara Joy, 18.

††††† †††† Eric is assistant general manager at ĎThe Egg and Ií restaurant in Colorado Springs, CO: he and his fianceí Amy

plan to marry within the year.He is a graduate of Jerry Savelle MinistriesInternational Bible Institute, Crowley,TX.

††††† †††† Beth works for Citicapital Legal here in Irving.She is married to Jaceson Jennings, who is in a 5 year Master of Theology program at Dallas Theological Seminary.Since Beth is completing her ĎPHTí degree (Putting Hubby Through), we have no grandchildren as of yet.We do, however, have two Ďgranddogsí --Obadiah (Obie) and

Ezekiel (Zeke).Now Jaceson has a Ďminor prophetí dog and a Ďmajor prophetí dog.

††††† †† ††Jill is a teacher for Irving ISD Middle School, teaching 6th-8th grades in the deaf program, and holds a teaching B.A. in Habilitation for the Deaf from TCU in Fort Worth.

††††† †††† Corey is a student at DeVry University, majoring in computer information systems.He is working and lives at home.Kara just finished her last two years of high school via homeschooling and graduated May 21.

††††† †††† Richard and I met as freshmen at Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO. He is a graduate of Theology and I of Christian Education.We were in fulltime vocational ministry in MO and ND for 12 years, six of whichhe was a

Christian school principal in Independence.I also taught at the sameChristian school in Independence for four years , and was privileged to be a fulltime stay-at-home mom for 21

years.I did a lot of in-home daycare in ND, MO, and TX,

then gave it up to homeschool Corey and Kara fulltime from Ď93-í99, and Jill from Ď95-í97 for her last two years of high school. Corey, Kara, and I all went back to Christian school in Ď99.Since moving to DFW, I have worked as a temp at a variety of interesting jobs, and I now work for the Irving branch office of TD Waterhouse brokerage.I very much enjoy learning new things and meeting new people --some things never change!

††††† †††† Richard and I are associates for a phenomenal company, Mannatech, Inc., which offers better health through glyconutrients.Based here in Coppell, TX, Mannatech provides proprietary products with science second to none, and a cutting-edge technology that M.I.T. is

calling Ďone of the top ten technologies that will change the world!í

††††† †††† For more info, go to and/or check out the stock for Mannatech, Inc., the symbol is MTEX.Our e-mail for ĎSolutions 4 Living Ď

††††† †††† At this point my older girls would be saying, ĎMom! TMI

††††† †††† God bless Ďall yíallí real good!


5018 NW Merrimac

Riverside, MO 64150

††††† †††† I own my own auto repair shop in Trimble, MO (816-370-2550).Bought a home last year.Belong to Air National Guard in St. Joseph, MO.Have 24 years with them as of 24 January this year.Called to active duty for one year or twoJust got home from Germany for 14 day leave. Would like to be at the reunion, but have been told different:have to be at my next duty station 24 June 04.



246 Hardin Drive

Selma, AL 36701




1060 North 2nd Street Apt. D

Leavenworth, KS 66048





2920 Bryn Mawr Drive

Independence, MO 64057



2720 S. Trenchard Drive

Independence, MO 64057




1504 North Emery Avenue

Independence, MO 64050






Phone: 816-627-2029

Pager: 816-292-0931

FAX: 816-448-2965

Cell: 816-536-1760
Hey There:
I don't know if you all remember me or not, but I remember you! I was Suzi Reynolds and now am Suzi Bass. I received the news letter and checked out the website. Looks like you all had a blast. I was certain I would be the only classmate with completely gray hair, but guess I'm wrong! I wasn't able to attend this year, because we had previous plans for that weekend. Also kept meaning to send news about myself, but was having trouble being chipper! My only child David, died 22 months ago at the age of 20 and I'm still learning how to deal with that... My sweet husband Walter of 26 years remains steadfast and awesome and my work keeps me going...but still trying to find joy again. Find myself only sticking to the red letters in the Bible right now! Anyway, I appreciate all of you keeping the Class of 69's spirit alive and hopefully, I'll catch up with you all at the next reunion. I must say that one of the sweetest gifts of my life came to me on my first day of Kindergarten when Glenna Kay Betts Johnson and I became life time best friends. My best wishes and prayers go to all of you.
Suzi Bass, RHIT
Director of Health Information Management




18035 Red Ridge Lane

Prunedale, CA 93907
I left Northwest Missouri State College for spring break in 1970, and for all intent and purposes, never returned. I worked construction, road crews, as a truck driver; bookstore clerk, and waiter. I attended the University of Kansas long enough to get a degree, and have been earning a living as an itinerant architect ever since. I've lived on both coasts, and some in the middle. I've been married more than once, and I have one daughter, I have finally found a home in the rolling hills of Monterey County, California, and some peace. I wish you all well.


14 Tejas Lane

Belton, TX 76513


1080 Palmer Road

Lithonia, Georgia 30058-9086

678-526-0002 (home)

404-277-9444 (cell)


Bob Cooley

Tom Dison

Gary Dunklin

Craig Engelman

Jim Gade

David Garver

John Gordon

John Houston

Bob Kendrick

John Komm

Dennis Main


Sandi Ott

Clark Phillips

Joe Roller

Steve Shackelford

Steve Spry

Larry Williams

Pat Bieser

Vic Haney

Special thanks to:

Donald Sturgess for printing and colating this booklet

Lucy Flanagan for art contributions

Greg Price for the same, and for general zaniness

Steve Coffey for helping with decorating (especially the high stuff)

Bill Clark and Russ Amos for getting the Reunion ball rolling

Susie Dunlap Tucker for inspired collages and keeping the faith

Carolyn Rhea Burton and Randy Gulley Bowen for providingmusic

Carolyn and Susie for providing moral support

Jim Wheeler for providing and maintaining a Web link for our class.

Most Special thanks to:

Pam Locke Workman for stepping up.

Time has a way of leveling the Ďplaying field of life.í
Trophies tarnish and honors fade.
Fellow classmates grow old, and friends pass away.
So really, the important things in life are not the honors received by a few,
But the friendships and memories we collected along the way.

Carolyn Rhea Burton



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